My paintings are about the process of painting and my affection for the paint.  I don’t draw on the canvas and often have only a general idea of what is going to happen when I start painting.  I make a mark and then react.  I work the surface, applying paint with a brush or knife and pulling up color laid down in earlier paint layers.  Through this process, the painting changes until I see what I want to see.  I consider a finished painting nothing more than an image recording the time I spent working on it and the thoughts I had during the process.  This has not changed in the forty years I have been painting.  I still have my first painting and in it I see this process as a confrontation with a surface and a box of pigments.

1stdibs Gallery at 200 Lex, New York Design Center, NYC
2011    "Ghost Dance," with Rene Pierre Allain, Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2005    “Webb & Witz @ Warren,” Studio 18 Gallery, NYC
2001    “Paintings,” Holland Tunnel, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
1999    "Judith Murray and Larry Webb" 76 Varick, Soho
1989    Michael Leonard Gallery, Soho, NYC
              Zimmerman/Saturn Gallery, Nashville, TN
1979    Ruben Saunders Gallery, Wichita, KN
1977    Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL
1976    Emporia State Teachers College, Emporia, KN
1975    Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
1974    Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, KN

2014    "So Above, So Below,” Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham NY
2013    "Drawn Away:  An Exhibition of Abstract Art,” Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham NY
2012    "Friend of a Friend,” Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham NY
2011    "It’s All Good, Apocalypse Now,” Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2009    “Bucknell to Yamamoto, Gibson Gallery Acquisitions,” Roland Gibson Gallery, Potsdam, New York
            “It’s a Wonderful Life,”Sideshow Gallery Annual Group Exhibition, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2008     “Concurrent,” four-person show, traveling to six venues:  Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee,
             Knoxville, TN; William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ; Heuser Art Center and the Hartmann Center
             Art Gallery, Bradley University, Peoria, IL; Mesaros Galleries, West Virginia University, Morgantown,
             WV; Lehigh University Art Galleries, Bethlehem, PA; Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University,
             Lewisburg, PA, Bucknell Honorarium
             “The Art of Emprise,” Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, Kansas, selected works from the collection
             “Peace,” Sideshow Gallery Annual Group Exhibition, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2007    “Continuum – Works Old and New,” with panel discussion “What is painting?” The 'temporary
            Museum of Painting, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
            “The War is Over,” Sideshow Gallery Annual Group Exhibition, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
            “Variations/Light & Dark,” Far Fields Gallery, Treadwell, New York,
2006    “By the Beautiful Sea,” The 'temporary Museum of Painting, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
            “Origins,” Studio 18 Gallery, New York City, group show
             Group Show, North Point Cultural Art Center, East Chatham, NY, curated by K.D. Butler
             “Fifty Plus,” Holland Tunnel, Williamsburg, group show, catalogue & essay by Robert Morgan
2005    “Impermanent Collection,” The 'temporary Museum of Painting, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
            “The Labyrinth,” Holland Tunnel, Paros, Greece

2004    “Metamorphosis,” Studio 18 Gallery, NYC, group show, curated by Paulien Lethen
            “Counterpoise,” Studio 18 Gallery, NYC, curated by Nick Maffei
            “Resilience,” Richard Sena Gallery, Hudson, New York
            “Year End Exhibit,” Studio 18 Gallery, NYC
2003    “Small Works, Studio 18 Gallery, NYC, group show
            “Inside Harry’s House,” Holland Tunnel, Middleburg, Holland, group show
            “Archives,” Middleburg, Holland, exhibit of artists’ books
2002    “The Brooklyn Rail Presents:  Made in Brooklyn, Selection 1,” Wythe Studio, Williamsburg, curated
            by Phong Bui
            “5,”  and "Bound," Holland Tunnel, Williamsburg
2001    Painting Exhibition, Framed Gallery, Norwich, England, group show with John Kiki
            “Flat File,” Lindsey Brown, Chelsea, NYC
            “Six Painters,” Studio 18 Gallery, NYC
            “Art on Hangers,” Hungarian Consulate, NYC
            “Made in Brooklyn,” Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Palm Beach, Florida
            “Bullet Space,” organized by Unbearable Assembly Magazine

2000    “The Inaugural Salon,” Splendid, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
            “Recent Acquisitions and Other Old Favorites,” Roland Gibson Art Gallery, State University of
            New York at Potsdam
            "Homage to Albert Pinkham Ryder,” State of the Art Gallery, Greenpoint
            “20 Woodcuts by International Painters,” Holland Tunnel Cultural Center, Paros, Greece
            “Sleight of Hand,” Cummings Art Center, Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut
            “New Tide, A Transatlantic Painting Odyssey,” Netherland Bank, Amsterdam
            “Black and White,” Holland Tunnel, Williamsburg
            “Salon Amarin,” Amarin, Greenpoint
            “Summer Show,” 76 Varick, New York City
            “Passion, Passion of Art,” Richard Anderson Fine Arts, NYC

1998    "New Tide,” Williamsburg Art and Historical Society, Williamsburg
            “Mega-Salon Portrait Show,” Jorgensen Gallery, NYC
            “Winter Show 1998,” Painting Center, Soho

1997    “Push,” 450 Broadway, Soho, group show sponsored by NY ARTS MAGAZINE
            “Oil Wood Glass Steel,” 76 Varick, Soho, 
            “Verge,” Chi-Meat, Williamsburg
            “Violence and Red,” C.C. Initiatives, NYC

1996    “The Enduring Presence, Recent New York Abstraction,” Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture,
            University of Tennessee at Knoxville; Biggin Gallery of Art, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama;
            Roland Gibson Art Gallery, State University of New York at Potsdam

1993    “Fantastic Wanderings,” Cummings Arts Center, Connecticut College

1992    “Vertical Slice,” Cummings Arts Center, Connecticut College
            “The Salon of the Mating Spiders,” Test Site, Williamsburg

1991    112 Green Street Gallery, Soho, three person show produced by Michael Leonard Gallery
            “From Volume to Absence,” New Waterfront Museum, Ammo Gallery, Brooklyn, group show
            “The Art of Life,” Wichita, Kansas, benefit exhibition and auctions for AIDS

1990    500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas
            80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York City, juried by Ivan Karp

1988    Amos Eno Gallery, Soho

1977    Western Illinois University
            Ball State University, Indiana
1976    Cheney Cowles Memorial Museum, Spokane, WA
1974    Wichita State University,
            Wichita Art Association
1972    Wichita Art Museum
1970    Marymount College, Salina, Kansas

Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell Universtity, Lewisburg, New York
Emprise Bank, Wichita, Kansas
Barton Benes, Artist, NYC
Nancy Hager, Director of Conservatory of Music, CUNY
Connecticut College Print Collection, New London
Kiwi De Voy, collector, Atherton, California
Roland Gibson Gallery, State University of New York at Potsdam
Mimi Braniff, Curator, Potsdam, New York
Dan Mills, Director of Roland Gibson Gallery
Samuel Yates, Director of Ewing Gallery of Art & Architecture, University of Tennessee
Dr. Selman Holo, Director of Fisher Gallery Museum Studies Program, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Sean Strub, Editor of POZ MAGAZINE, New York City
Law firm of Eisland, Selby & Berman LLP
Castle Oil Corporation, New York City
Big Time Pizza Corp., Seattle, Washington
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Michael Leonard, Michael Leonard Gallery, New York City
World Trade Dental Group, New York City
Alice Zimmerman, Zimmerman/Saturn Gallery, Nashville
Farm Credit Bank of Wichita, Wichita, Kansas
West Texas Savings and Loan, Wichita Falls, Texas
Emporia State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas
Robert Bishoff Architects
Cathy Aison, collector, New York City
Phong Bui, collector, New York City

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